HRIS: Payroll Master

The Best Payroll Master Ever Made.

After 10 years of research and expertise on software development, after releasing 6 successful versions of the Integra Payroll Master used by thousands of private companies and big government agencies in the Philippines, after gathering all positive and negative feedbacks from our beloved customers about our software, Supremosoft Corporation is back again, introducing the Integra HRIS Payroll Master a revolutionary product that will make HR work easier.


HRIS: Government Edition

The right fit for Philippine Government Agencies.

The all-in-one package that is the Integra HRIS Government Edition is a web-based/cloud-based Human Resource Information System specifically designed for Philippine Government Agencies. New modules were added to enhance the software to give you and your employees more opportunities to work on each core function. With the consistent HR processes and personnel training, the Recruitment and Training modules contribute efficiency to the equation. No more hassle with payroll processing, monitoring track records, and keeping reports – the Integra HRIS Government Edition makes HR-related activities more highly valued and fulfilling for any practitioner.



Your complete payroll solution in 1 software.

With continuous research and development since its first release in 2007 that helped several private companies in their operations, the Integra Payroll Master 2014 is a Payroll Management Software that helps manage HR-related transactions such as timekeeping and payroll processing. It lessens payroll preparation time and assures accuracy, security, and efficiency compared to manual processing.


Queuing System

Managing long queues doesn’t have to take so long.

Reduce the time spent on serving clients with Integra Queue Master, an intelligent Queue Management System designed to organize customer transactions in establishments. It manages long queues systematically, lets you flexibly customize the interface according to your company’s processes, and utilizes a display that can market your latest products, videos, and promotions. It also provides reports analytics that measure employees’ efficiency and waiting time of your clients, thus simultaneously improving your service workflow and creating high customer value. Technologically advanced and scalable, the Integra Queue Master will positively revolutionize the way customers see long lines in your offices.


Feedback Management System

Learn from what your customers think about your service.

Integra URateMe is a Feedback Management System that allows businesses that have face-to-face customer interactions to increase their profitability by letting their clients rate the service they received. Companies get to communicate with their patrons while also contributing to the development of better operational standards. Programmed to be customizable and modern, Integra URateMe is a valuable means to refine services that can lead to foster stronger relationships with customers.