HRIS government

The right fit for Philippine Government Agencies.

The all-in-one package that is the Integra HRIS Government Edition is a web-based/cloud-based Human Resource Information System specifically designed for Philippine Government Agencies. New modules were added to enhance the software to give you and your employees more opportunities to work on each core function. With the consistent HR processes and personnel training, the Recruitment and Training modules contribute efficiency to the equation. No more hassle with payroll processing, monitoring track records, and keeping reports – the Integra HRIS Government Edition makes HR-related activities more highly valued and fulfilling for any practitioner.

With its comprehensive focus on Human Resource, Time & Attendance, Payroll, and Strategic Performance Management System commits to make any agency’s processing, transacting, reporting, and addressing the needs of each employee to be on par with the best HRIS and payroll practitioners in the Philippines.


- All branches

Department of Trade and Industry - Head office (Makati)

Environmental Management Bureau - Head office (Quezon City)

Housing and Urban Develoment Coordinating Council - Head office (Makati)

LBP Leasing and Finance Corporation - Head office (Manila)

Technological University of the Philippines - Manila

Public-Private Partnership Philippines - Head office (Quezon City)

National Historical Commission of the Philippines - Head office (Manila)

National Economic and Development Authority - Head office (Mandaluyong)

We want to give you a glimpse of what our HRIS solution can provide to your company, so here are some of its key features.

Employee Record Management
Manage the information of all employees such as the complete Personal Data Information, scanned 201 document, Employee Career Movement, Agency Service Records and Plantilla History.

Time and Attendance
Create unlimited number of local and nationwide holidays and schedules including flexi-time, core- time, shifting and attendance exempt that can be assigned on per employee basis. The system has the most comprehensive time and attendance solution.

Leave Management
Manage and monitor all leave types of employee such as Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Paternity Leave, Maternity Leave and others more convenient.

Strategic Performance Management System
Measure the performance of employee, organizational unit, and company as a whole based on scientific metrics as required by Civil Service Commission (CSC).

Property Monitoring
Define unlimited number of items or assets that can be distributed and assigned to employees.

Handles the scheduling of examinations and interviews with email notifications to applicants. It automates the initial screening of applicants’ age and citizenship, records their examination scores and interview ratings and provides information on the required CSC Qualification Standard per position against the qualification of the applicant for easier evaluation.

Payroll Management
Process payroll for thousands of employees in a few minutes, thereby saving a significant amount of time in payroll preparation.

Employee Self-Service
Allows a paperless application and approval of Leave of Absence, Overtime (OT), Travel Order (TO), Official Business (OB), DTR Correction, and Training Requests anytime, anywhere using the internet.

Allows you to easily retrieve and modify employee’s medical records from their recruitment up to his present day to day medical requirements.

Allows you to create an unlimited number of trainings based on the competencies for further enhancement.

Wellness and Relations
Define an unlimited number of events or activities such as sports, cultural events, social events, and the likes that promotes the monitoring of participated activities by the employees, which are also available in the generated reports for employees’ wellness activities.

Timekeeping Reports
  • Authorized Travel
  • COC Availment and Non-Availment of Employees
  • Compensatory Time Off Availment and Non-Availment of Employees
  • Custom Timekeeping Report
  • Daily Time Correction Form
  • Daily Time Record
  • Disapproved Leave Applications
  • Employees with Less Than Required Number of Punches
  • Forced Leave Record
  • Forfeited (CTO) Compensatory Time Off
  • Late Filed Leaves Record
  • Leave w/o Pay
  • List of AWOL Employees
  • List of Employees w/ Prolonged Leaves
  • Monetization Claims
  • Official Business Report
  • Other Leaves Profile
  • Perfect Attendance (No Absences, No Lates, No Undertime, w/ OB)
  • Sick Leave Profile
  • Tardiness & Undertime Report
  • Vacation Leave Profile

Training Reports
  • Participants for the Training
  • Training Summary Report
  • PDC Resolution
  • List of Approved Training
  • Translation of Competencies to Training Program
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Conducted Training for the Year
  • Certificate of the Training
  • SO Training Report

Recruitment Reports
  • Letter of Appointment
  • BIR Form
  • Character Reference Check Report
  • Employment Examination Attendance Sheet
  • Forwarding PDS to the personnel
  • Issuance of ID Form
  • Notification to the applicant for the reposted position
  • Next-in Rank Waiver Form Non-Disclosure
  • Notice of Meeting
  • Notice of Probationary Period
  • Notice of Vacancy
  • Notify Appointee w/ Approved Appointment w/ Receipt
  • Personal Data Sheet (Applicants)
  • Plantilla Form
  • PhilHealth Member Registration Form
  • Qualified Next-in-Rank
  • Referral of Applicant for Vacant Position
  • Report on Appointment Issues (RAI)
  • Report on Previously Posted 2nd Level Positions
  • Submitting ATM Application Form
  • Transmittal of Appointee
  • Transmittal of BIR Form 2305
  • Tracking of Positions

201 Reports
  • Custom Report
  • Employee Masterlist
  • Personal Data Sheet (Employees)
  • Service Record
  • Position Desription Form
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Salary Adjustment Memo

Performance Management Reports
  • Development Action Plans
  • Employee's Awarded or Recognized
  • Employee's Inventories
  • Employee's Summary of Ratings
  • Employee's Termination or Promotion
  • Employee's Training and Development Program
  • Performance Commitments
  • Performance Review & Appraisal Proper
  • Progress Review and Performance Monitoring
  • STAFF( Subordinates & Teams Appraissal Feedback Form)
  • OFFICER Sheet ( Observation, Feedback, Forethought, Inputs, Comments, Evaluation, Review)

Payroll Reports
  • List of Employees With More Than 5 Days Leave Without Pay
  • Overpayment Employees
  • Below Minimum List
  • Employees Entitled with Longevity Pay
  • Summary of Loan Deductions List
  • Payslip
  • General Payroll Report
  • General Payroll Summary
  • Payroll Certification
  • Monthly Variance Report
  • Variance Report of Employees
  • GSIS Remittance Report
  • GSIS Loan Remittance List
  • GSIS Premium Remittance List
  • GSIS Summary of Payments List
  • GSIS I.V (Individual Voucher) Loan List
  • GSIS I.V (Individual Voucher) Premium List
  • GSIS Real Estate Loan List
  • HDMF Premium Remittance Report
  • HDMF Loan Remittance Report
  • HDMF I.V (Individual Voucher) Loan List
  • HDMF I.V (Individual Voucher) Premium List
  • HDMF MP2 Remittance List
  • HDMF Housing Loan Remittance List
  • HDMF Summary of Payments List
  • PhilHealth Premium Remittance Report
  • PHIC Premium Remittance List
  • PHIC IV (Individual Vouchers) Premium Remittance List
  • PHIC Summary of Payments List
  • GL Entries
  • Custom Payroll Reports (Monthly)
  • Alphalist (Terminated)
  • Alphalist with Previous Employer
  • Alphalist without Previous Employer
  • Anniversary Gift Report
  • BIR 2316
  • Certificate of Loan Remittance
  • Certificate of Remittance
  • Collective Negotiation Agreement Incentive Report
  • Custom Payroll Reports (Yearly)
  • Educational Assistance Allowance Report
  • Index Of Payments to Employees
  • Labor Management Relations Gift Report
  • Loyalty Award
  • Year-End Bonus and Cash Gift Report
  • List of Active Employees
  • Withholding Tax Remittance List
  • Authority to Debit Report
  • Bank Diskette