Integra Payroll Master, the best payroll software for any type of businesses all in a single affordable package. Specially designed and developed in Philippine environment that conforms to the country's laws and general practices. As a Philippine Payroll software, it has lot of features listed below which will surely benefit you and your business.
   Reduce payroll preparation time by as much as 90% vs. manual
   Probably the best software for all types of business from start-ups to the large established companies. With nlimited number of employee feature, super-flexible timekeeping and payroll processing, surely, payrolling time can be reduced by as much as 90% compared to manual payrolling thereby increasing HR efficiency which can be
transposed to a lot of savings in a matter of time. Now people doing the payrolling can devote much of their time
to other tasks. With its built-in comprehensive HRIS module, managing Human Resource records has never been this easy. Reasonably priced with superb after-sales service, undoubtedly, Integra Payroll Master is your payroll software of choice.
   Super Flexibility at its Finest
    This is the main focus of Integra Payroll Master. To be flexible in all aspects from timekeeping, handling of personnel records to reporting. Custom Payroll Set-up lets you set your own setting based on existing company rules. It comes with the built-in Forms Designer, user Custom Report Builder and user maintainable Payroll Account Codes. Quick inputting of large volume of data is made with excel format importation. With a little less than a hundred pre-formatted reports plus the built-in report customiser, costly customization is eliminated. Plus, the feature to link to some accounting software in real time or through the user definable import/export feature of log files.
   A Complete Payroll, Timekeeping and HRIS Software in One
   Integra Payroll Master is a complete payroll, HRIS and timekeeping solution in one package with the most reasonable price in contrast to other payroll software in the market which are sold on a per module basis or a combined modules with a little of everything. It’s a one time investment but will bring superb saving in a short period of time. Integra Payroll Master is your payroll automation solution. A must-have for every business.