Payroll Master

Your complete payroll solution in one software.

With continuous research and development since its first release in 2007 that helped several private companies in their operations, the Integra Payroll Master 2014 is a Payroll Management Software that helps manage HR-related transactions such as timekeeping and payroll processing. It lessens payroll preparation time and assures accuracy, security, and efficiency compared to manual processing.

The Integra Payroll Master has an unlimited number of employee features, super flexible time-keeping and payroll processing. Payrolling time can be reduced by 90% compared to manual payrolling. With its built in HR Module, archiving of employees’ 201 files has never been this easy. Reasonably priced with excellent after-sales service – definitely this software is what you need.


Remore Corporation
P.B. Dionisio & Co., Inc.
Castillo Laman Taqn Pantaleon and San Jose Law Offices
A. Hartrodt Philippines Inc.
Philippe Gadgets & Accessories Inc.
Sentros Concept Furniture Inc.
Malinta Corrugated Boxes Manufacturing Corporation
SMC Laguna Properties Inc.
Nissan Car Lease Philippines Inc.
FDC Utilities Inc.
Westlines Design Technologies Corporation
Electro-Systems Industries Corporation
Direc Business Solutions Inc.
RB Hortaleza Vaciador and Beauty Supply Inc.
Academy Plastic Model Toy Co., Inc.
Aviva Pacific Shipping Corp.
K-Lift Industrial Corporation
Terry Selection Inc.
Eliteblue Security Specialist, Inc.
Pureform Cosmetic Products Inc.
KHI Design & Technical Service Inc.
Fernando Gallardo & Co.

Unichamp Mineral Philippines Inc.
Ardy Manufacturing Corporation
Goldware Essential Products Corporation
Bluecross Health Insurance
Speedway Tech Corporation
Keenworth International Corporation
Golden Metro Warehousing and Transport Service Inc.
Veer-O-Metals (Philippines) Inc.
THN Autoparts Philippines Inc.
Shemberg Biotech Corporation
First United Travel, Inc.
Distinctive Blinds & Office Systems, Inc.
Egis Projects Philippines Inc.
Sentros Concept Furniture, Inc.
Accord Advertising Concept and Expert Services Inc.
Brghton Machinery Corp.
TMA Group Philippines, Inc.
Serbiz Cooperative
and many more...

Here are some of the new and standard features our Payroll solution can provide to your company.

New Features:

  •   Two Level of Administrator Account
  •   Restrict confidentiality level assignment
  •   Import Employee feature to update selected fields
  •   Auto Back-up System
  •   Cash payment for Employee Loans
  •   Custom Forms Designer with unlimited design for each
  •   New alert window for employee’s Length of Service
  •   Tardiness Policy per Employee
  •   Printable Audit Trail

Standard Features:

Salary Adjustment
Salary increase prior to the effectivity period can be set for the automatic application of the new rates of the employees.

Import Payroll Entries
Migration of your previous and existing data of the employees and its 201 file is being done through importation from spreadsheet file.

Semi-Monthly, Weekly and Piece Rate Employees
No more special or customized software needed because Integra Payroll Master is capable of processing piece-rated employees.

Monthly-Paid Employees
Employees that are paid once a month usually during the end of the month for the regular duties rendered for the whole current month.

Early Overtime
The system has a pre-approval window for the overtime accounts before their regular schedule.

Tardiness and Absenteeism Memo
Integra Payroll Master can be configured to generate memos such as tardiness, absence without official leave (AWOL) and others.

Flexible Voucher Designer
Integra Payroll Master provides templates for payroll accounting entries which makes it easier for the user.

SL/VL Cash Conversion
Unspent or unused SL/VL can be converted to cash or to be carried-over to the next payroll.

Loan File Maintenance
Integra Payroll Master features an accurate maintenance and tracking of loans. Likewise, loan deductions can be scheduled and changed anytime without compromising the veracity of loan records.

Formula Based Payroll Account Code
Allows the user to customize own computations with own formulas in an excel-like approach. Thus, further improves the flexibility of Integra Payroll Master.

Bonus File Entry
Giving out bonuses anytime from 13th, 14th, now made possible with ease and without compromising taxation concerns.

Process 13th Month Pay Upon resignation
The system automatically computes the last pay of the employees including the 13th month pay.

Flexible Employee Scheduler
Integra Payroll Master allows flexible working schedule where in it allows the employees to work on flexible time schedule just as long as the minimum working hours for the day is rendered.

Multi-Banks for ATM Payroll
Supports ATM bank diskettes payroll remittance which supports major banks nationwide.