Queue Master

Managing long queues doesn’t have to take so long.

Reduce the time spent on serving clients with Integra Queue Master, an intelligent Queue Management System designed to organize customer transactions in establishments. It manages long queues systematically, lets you flexibly customize the interface according to your company’s processes, and utilizes a display that can market your latest products, videos, and promotions. It also provides reports analytics that measure employees’ efficiency and waiting time of your clients, thus simultaneously improving your service workflow and creating high customer value. Technologically advanced and scalable, the Integra Queue Master will positively revolutionize the way customers see long lines in your offices.


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Here are some notable features of our Queue Management System.


User-friendly interface for customers and counter-operators alike.

Web-based system that can work in any browser whether in a wired, wireless, or combined environment.

Uses a smart classification of services to direct customers to counters corresponding to their required services.

Lets you input the number of counters, devices used, ticket design, queue display layout, and play videos in the LED TV.

Whether you're transacting 100 or 1,000 customers daily, the Integra Queue Master can fit your company's requirements.


  • Browser-based operation
  • User-friend interface
  • Works even without printer paper
  • Automatic summarization of queue entries per transaction
  • Automate/Manual customer queue selection
  • Customer queue transfer
  • Comprehensive analytic system
  • Flexible report time durations
  • Customizable ticket layout
  • Support multiple ticket printers
  • Customizable Queue Display layout
  • SMS notifications
  • Multiple display support
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • User-definable buttons
  • Customizable interface graphics
  • Pass or Grab on Queues
  • Cancelation for no show customers

The Integra Queue Master has built-in analytics that allows companies to gather information about the transactions served at any given point in time.This function gives them the ability to have an overview on all the activities going on, as well as find opportunities to improve services.

  • Transaction Summary
  • Graphical Transaction Summary
  • Waiting Time Summary
  • Serving Time Summary
  • Hourly Summary
  • Summary of Skipped Numbers